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About Us
Providing Smart Solutions for Smart Businesses. Since 1991.
Kingslake’s solutions focus on three areas: Manufacturing, Logistics (people and goods) and Warehouse management. We are combining our years of experience of implementing ERP solutions for manufacturers with the latest advances in digital transformation technologies to provide our customers with smart cloud-based solutions that are changing the way businesses work. In the process we help our customers to sell more, deliver on-time and increase profitability.
Smart People
Our people are from diverse backgrounds but what they share is a passion for excellence. The members of the management team have worked together for many years and provide the rest of the staff informal leadership and guidance to achieve their true potential.
Smart Customers
Our customers are mid to large companies that are still growing. They are leaders in their own fields and have the courage to challenge their respective markets. Our relationship with our customers is a long-term partnership.
What’s Smart
TranSmart is now operational at two very large factories and is managing the transport of nearly 10,000 workers. The solution is built with technology from Progress (development platform) and Dialog Axiata (NFC cards and infrastructure).